The Goals.

Hi and thank you for reading this. This project has a few goals. Making this article till the end could start a new friendship, so be careful if you don’t want to. Still I encourage you to read it, one could find it important :)

Let me start with a primitive one.

I’m surprised to discover how much more good old bookmarks could be with new ideas applied and not just copied from “how everywhere else works”. Ideas, design and creativity are fields I want to grow in, so it’s a new try. By the way, share with me how you like it!

It was rather expected - one will always seek the ways to prove oneself. The purpose, this website exists, on the other hand, is to grab your attention, my dear reader, and to have an opportunity to talk to you about something important.


Its possibilities are tremendous. But with great possibilities come great pitfalls. And I want to remind you about them, because they are so easily forgotten, though should not.

Consciousness in the web.

“Mindful” is an interesting word. Feels like “filled with mind” and means the state of awareness. Unfortunately the internet is the perfect engine for the let’s-be-not-so-filled-with-mind industry.

It’s so easy to get distracted while using the web. Hundreds of psychologists, analysts, designers are working to make it so. They are hardly ashamed of using cognitive biases against their own kind. The reasons, however, are pretty usual: money and power - one’s everlasting desires.

I’m not sure if these people are planning to be parents, I’m just not getting it, aren’t they going to fight their own kids over the systems they’ve helped to create? Children are known to be extremely vulnerable to all sorts of addictions. And a great number of the most popular services are. The scary thing is they’re designed to be.

Two approaches to the problem.

Any of these approaches will make us feel better after some time will have passed. But the issue remains. Our kids, our parents are vulnerable and under the pressure of the system right now. One can not beat the system alone, but together we can.

A bit of psychology.

Every time our brain sees some specific info, it swallows it (that’s why we feel tired after “chilling” on the web or viewing TV). No thing we had seen in our lives was skipped. Our mind builds up theoretical knowledge from it (that’s why ads are working even though we think we can skip it).

Theory is great, but to make our mind go live with it there is an event needed. We have all heard of the life-changing events. We’ve experienced ones. I think these events happen when we are ready. And to be ready is to have this theoretical knowledge. We all could have missed an opportunity to change our lives today, because we simply didn’t recognize it. To think about...

So what I suggest to do.

We can’t really influence such events much, but we can influence this theoretical knowledge. So do I, right now. Even though you could skip the reading through, there is a common negative attitude towards some things in the web grabbed by your brain. So one day, after tens of other articles like this you’re going to recognize this precious event of missing your child’s first words because of another game, video or whatever. You’ll understand that it is so much not worth it. Boom, life’s changed. I’d be proud to be part of it.

If you’re already on the bright side.

Already in? Good! Make everyone you care for read this article. Write yourself. Film a video. Spread it. Send a copy to me, I’ll post it. Reread what inspires you. Don’t give up. Share your stories or thoughts. Argue, fight, listen. Live!

I don’t believe we can influence other life’s events in a proper way, so let’s be patient. We’re to help.

Inspired and approved by my wife